Balance Between Empires

Sportsman, Archeologist’s Collection

Boris Orlov describes how Russia dissolved into a unipolar world.

Orlov— Well, by the way of a unipolar world, let’s think back to the history of the Mediterranean, two thousand years ago, when there were great empires … the Roman Empire and the Parthian empire, that is to say, the whole Western Mediterranean as it were was the Roman Empire, whilst the Eastern Mediterranean it was the Parthian empire; which was the Hellenistic empire of the Persians … these two empires was … were in a conflicted state, which created a kind of a balance.

Sportsman, Archeologist’s Collection

Moving to the time of Julius Caesar, Parthia was destroyed by the efforts of the Romans which created the unipolar system of the great Holy Roman Empire, which occupied all the space in Europe and the Middle East. European humanity, did not appreciate the existence of, for example the Chinese empire, so it might as well have been on Mars.


We are now living through a time completely parallel to this, because right now the Parthian Empire, which, one might say, was the empire of the Soviet Union disappeared and its place was occupied by that same Roman empire, whose role is played by the United States of America. The methods of ruling, of course, are different, but the essence is the same. And that’s why all these archetypal things that we clarified for ourselves in the seventies, eighties, and early nineties can now be applied to the American situation.

Portrait of Grisha Bruskin
Grisha Bruskin, Courtesy of the Artist

We can also add that when we look at Grishas art- it’s not humourous. It takes on very deep issues but they are professed by a man with a sense of humour. The point of view of it is quite ironic, because we, according to our existential skills are also the object-subject rolled into one. As soon as we realize that we are identical to the object, there is a risk of dissolving in it, if irony is not there to save us.

We are now
living through
a time completely
parallel to this

-Boris Orlov

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