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Currently in postproduction, The Frozen Theater, a cross-genre feature film about an underground artist resurrects the sacrifices of his fallen civilization to create a new world.

In 1991, the USSR collapsed as an isolated world behind an iron curtain, but the sudden transparency of what remained would be a long process of examination. Grisha Bruskin changes the image of modern Russia as a nonconformist artist from the Soviet time who must overcome the ideological struggle within his country.

The artist created 33 life-size bronze statues to represent the Soviet society. He dug a mass grave and buried the fallen civilization. After 3 years, Bruskin returned to the site to excavate the ruins. Through the filmed excavation of the artist’s collapsed empire, The Frozen Theater tells the parallel history of the horrifying sacrifices of the Soviet age. As the Bruskin’s resurrected society must relive the empire’s collapse, the artist builds a frozen theater that will withstand the tests of the universe. Through these catastrophic events, Bruskin overcomes the hauntings of the Soviet age and discovers his unique path in history.